About dubai marina

If Downtown Dubai is the heart of the city, Dubai Marina is the soul. Set against a graceful blend of Eastern-European brick-style architecture and contemporary backdrop of elegant skyscrapers, the marina is always calling for your delight.

Developed by Emaar Properties, the waterfront community is vibrant with music, natural scenery and excellent foods that are envy of the city. With the sparkling winding canal, bustling luxury yachts, peaceful promenade, and more than 70 shopping and fine-dining options at your fingertips, Dubai Marina caters to all walks of life. Considered one of the most pedestrian-friendly parts of the city, all the best locations span a mere 15-minutes of strolling from the residential skyscrapers. It is also one of the best locations to be a pet owner in Dubai.

With the Beachfront to your left and Marina Mall to your right, life at Dubai Marina is like a weeklong cruise holiday. There are always exciting activities to experience and new cuisine to try your tastebuds at.

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